is an idea that comes from a group of Italian and American businessmen who work in the communication field, tourism, and entertainment industry. These businessmen are linked by a long friendship and a great love for Italy.

The goal of is not to be an online newspaper, a magazine or a blog to read news from or about Italy. Our mission is to provide a simple and fast service to users who are looking for everything that is Italian in Florida.

A simplified and easy to use menu will guide you through the various sections to acquire all the useful information you need, whether you are an Italian on vacation or an American looking for a fully Italian style evening.

Our contents, created by a team working both in Italy and the United States, are aimed at: Italians and Italian-Americans living in Florida, Italian and non-italian tourists, and Americans who have always been passionate about all aspects of Italy; more than just the food, but also culture, traditions, art, sports, entertainment, and all that you can find in Florida thanks to the many Italians who have kept alive the spirit of their homeland over the years.

Our desire is to become a point of reference, the first website you “Google”, and the first app opened when you want to eat, drink, think, laugh, breathe, and live Italian.

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