Italy Pavilion at Epcot

More than dinner and drinks

The Italy Pavilion features a plaza surrounded by a collection of buildings evocative of Venetian, Florentine, and Roman architecture. Venetian architecture is represented by a re-creation of St Mark’s Campanile  (bell tower) with the La Gemma Elegante shop representing a replica of the Doge’s Palace.  The pavilion’s design is inspired by other hallmarks of Italian architecture, such as the columns of San Marco and San Teodoro,  the Ponte della Paglia,  Neptune Fountain and the Il Bel Cristallo shop (meant to resemble the exterior of the Sistine Chapel). There are also small shops selling Italian goods, such as candy, household items, perfumes and wine. Venetian Mask Artisans from Balocoloc in Venice, Italy have also been featured in this Pavilion since 2001, performing live painting throughout the day and showcasing their authentic handmade masks. Musicians, clowns, and acting troupes often appear in the piazza throughout the day.