I AM ITALIAN STYLE: the comic-musical show by Marzocca and Fiaschi.

I AM ITALIAN STYLE: the comic-musical show by Marco Marzocca and Leonardo Fiaschi. They performed at the Murray theater – Clearwater – Florida.


Marco Marzocca is a famous comedian and character actor. He has over 25 years of experience in entertainment.

Leonardo Fiaschi is a great artist, singer and entertainer. He is well-known for his perfect imitations of some of the most famous Italian singers and showbiz people.
It is a concert made of the most famous traditional Italian songs, presented and interpreted by our singer Leonardo Fiaschi. During the show, he is repeatedly interrupted by his whole family, who
‘loves’ him and follows him and, above all, ‘pursues’ him, with all the comic and funny stereotypes of the traditional Italian family.


You see poor Leonardo being interrupted by his mother (Marco Marzocca), by his Sicilian grandfather (Marco Marzocca), by his unemployed brother Luigi, who is looking for work in America, by his old school mate Franco Ciafrocchia (Marco Marzocca), who sells pots and amulets, and also by his Neapolitan uncle Chef Gennaro Pummarola (Marco Marzocca). The latter talks about cooking and his passion for women, trying to get their heart through their stomach or through the seductive power of the wonderful songs of the Neapolitan tradition.

A unique and pleasant live performance during which Italian traditional music and comedy are combined with each other for the first time.

A party for the whole family, but not exclusively!